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About us

is a small home kennel of the breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
registered in the Kennel Club in Poland, branch in Lublin (ZKwP),
which belongs to Federation Cynologoque Internatinale (FCI).

We have always dreamed of being Cavaliers’ owners. But before they arrived at our house, we used to have a beloved dog, Golden Retriever, called “Misha”. After his death we decided to make our dreams come true, and this way in our house appeared Unusual Nasuda from the breeding kennel Ufna Morda. Since then we and our she-dog started a great adventure with dogs’ shows. This little dog made us hooked on Cavaliers, and in no time we became the owners of two more she-dogs - HAPPY STAR, from the breeding farm Sylena, and Loulou L’Amour, from the breeding kennel Du Chateau Noblesse.

Our dogs live in our house and they are an integral part of our family. We love them and we try to provide them with the best conditions, veterinary care, upbringing and love they deserve. We hope they are happy with us.

Puppies born in our breeding kennel leave this place only as pedigree ones, which means they have special certificates on the basis of which pedigree of the dog is produced ( a new owner applies to a branch of the Kennel Club, competent according to the place of a residence of the owner).

Each puppy which leaves our kennel is healthy, clean, wormed and vaccinated. It is also socialized.

Each puppy will be provided with a special kit – that is a leash, a dog collar, toys and dogs’ food for the first days in a new home. It will be given a set of documents – a certificate, a health book or a passport, photocopies of parents’ examinations and their bloodlines.

We draw up a contract with every new owner of our puppy, which is to secure interests of either a breeder or a new owner, as well as a dog’s.

We do not sell our puppies to intermediaries or puppy mills, that is to places where animals are bred against the regulations of Kennel Club in Poland, or are bred in the conditions not complying with the term “breeding farm”.

Our priority is to find such homes for our puppies, in which they will feel loved and needed, and their appearance in a new family will be well- thought, well planned and looked forward.